Stefan Vandenhoudt started making guitars ten years ago. 
He was soon attracted by the more modern construction method. 
As a former aircraft technician an furniture maker he used materials that are also used in aircraft construction.
So he designed the 'quint top', a variation of the 'double top', but using two extra layers of aramid ( aramid are strong synthetic fibers used in aerospace).
Quite recently he built a cnc router that was specially designed for guitar building. This machine creates an infinite number of processing possibilities which can be used in guitar construction.
With his new generation of guitars he uses only natural materials that are processed with the most modern techniques.
For example the manufacture of his new type of soundboard, the '3D double top', where precision and control are extremely important, which is impossible to achieve with conventional tools.
Every guitar is built with the most dedication where his knowledge and skills are automatically reflected in the quality of the sound.